Artificial Harmony: When Teamwork Goes Wrong

When it comes to teamwork, harmony is often considered the ultimate goal. After all, a team that works together in perfect harmony is a team that will accomplish great things, right? Well, sort of. While harmony is definitely an important component of effective teamwork, it’s not always the perfect solution. In fact, sometimes the pursuit … Read more

Following Sheryl Sandberg’s Advice: A Guide to Achieving Success and Balance

If you’re looking for inspiration and guidance to achieve your career goals, Sheryl Sandberg’s advice might be just what you need. As one of the most influential women in tech, Sandberg has become a voice for women’s empowerment and leadership. Her bestselling book, “Lean In,” sparked a cultural movement, encouraging women to break through the … Read more

What Is The Responsibility Of A Trade Union?

Trade unions play an important role in protecting workers’ rights. They negotiate agreements with employers on pay and conditions, and discuss major changes to the workplace with them. If members have concerns, trade unions will discuss these with employers on their behalf. I’m so glad there are trade unions to champion equal rights and equal … Read more