What Is South Africa Well Known For?

What is South Africa famous for? South Africa is famous for its spectacular landscapes and a diversity of African animals. It has three capitals, eleven official languages, 21 National Parks and ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites. South Africa is fairly unique compared with other countries because it has three capital cities. The reason for the … Read more

What Is One Example Of A Trade Union?

Trade unions negotiate on behalf of their members with employers about things like pay and working hours. For example, if a company wanted to change the way it operates and this would have an effect on the employees, the trade union would be consulted. A trade union is an organization that represents the collective interests … Read more

What Is The Responsibility Of A Trade Union?

Trade unions play an important role in protecting workers’ rights. They negotiate agreements with employers on pay and conditions, and discuss major changes to the workplace with them. If members have concerns, trade unions will discuss these with employers on their behalf. I’m so glad there are trade unions to champion equal rights and equal … Read more