How to Successfully Onboard an Intern: A Comprehensive Guide

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Artificial Harmony: When Teamwork Goes Wrong

When it comes to teamwork, harmony is often considered the ultimate goal. After all, a team that works together in perfect harmony is a team that will accomplish great things, right? Well, sort of. While harmony is definitely an important component of effective teamwork, it’s not always the perfect solution. In fact, sometimes the pursuit … Read more

Surfing with Patriot: Exploring the World of Marvel Snap and Silver Surfer

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The Complete Guide to Mets World Series Rings and Wins

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The Power of Perspective: How to Become a Better Leader

As a leader, it’s not only crucial to have your own perspective, but also to understand and appreciate the perspectives of others. Perspectives in leadership play a pivotal role in influencing the way we carry out our roles and responsibilities. By embracing different viewpoints, you will become a better leader, creating a more inclusive and … Read more

Donte DiVincenzo: The Future of the Milwaukee Bucks

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Blue Angels C-130 Fat Albert: The Untold Story

For those of us who have witnessed air shows or watched military aircraft in action, the Blue Angels C-130 “Fat Albert” needs no introduction. This iconic transport aircraft has been the workhorse and the lifeline of the Blue Angels precision flying team for decades. Yet, many still wonder why this aircraft is called “Fat Albert”? … Read more