Is Gusto worth it for Canadian businesses?

If you’re a Canadian business owner, you may be on the hunt for the perfect payroll solution to help streamline your business operations. One popular option that’s gained popularity in recent years is Gusto. But does it work in Canada?

Gusto is a cloud-based software that offers a variety of features, including payroll, employee benefits, and HR tools. While it originated in the United States, Gusto has expanded its offerings to businesses in other countries—including Canada.

does gusto work in canada

But before jumping on board, there are a few key things you need to know about Gusto’s Canadian offerings, such as their exchange rates, bank partners, and pricing for international contractors.

In this article, we’ll explore whether or not Gusto is worth it for Canadian businesses. From Gusto W8 to Gusto to Wise, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using Gusto in Canada. So let’s dive in and find out!

Does Gusto offer payroll services in Canada

If you’re a business owner in Canada, you might be wondering if Gusto is the right payroll software for your company. Although Gusto is a popular platform in the United States, it’s essential to know if it works in Canada before signing up.

Checking Gusto for Canadian Payroll Services

Gusto is a cloud-based payroll solution used by small and medium-sized businesses in the United States. The platform offers a range of features, including employee onboarding, issuing pay stubs, processing payroll taxes, and more.

Unfortunately, Gusto does not currently offer its services to Canadian businesses. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t find a payroll processor with similar features and capabilities in Canada.

Alternatives to Gusto Payroll in Canada

If you’re in Canada and looking for a user-friendly payroll solution, there are several alternatives to Gusto that you should consider. These include:

1. Payworks

Payworks is a top-rated payroll software and has been offering payroll solutions to Canadian businesses since 2001. The software provides various features such as direct deposit, remittances, tax filing, year-end processing, and employee self-service.

2. Payment Evolution

Payment Evolution offers a complete suite of payroll services for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada. The software offers various features such as direct deposit, tax filing, year-end processing, time and attendance tracking, and HR compliance.

3. Wagepoint

Wagepoint is a leading payroll solution in Canada. The software provides various features such as direct deposit, tax filing, year-end processing, and employee onboarding. It also provides add-ons like benefits, time tracking, and HR support.

In conclusion, while Gusto doesn’t offer payroll services to Canadian businesses, there are several alternatives that you can consider. When selecting a payroll software, ensure that it fits your specific needs, size, and budget. It’s essential to choose a platform that is user-friendly, scalable, and offers top-notch customer support. With the right payroll solution, you can streamline your payroll process and focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Gusto w8: A Comprehensive Overview

Gusto is a popular payroll and HR software used by businesses in the US and Canada. Many Canadians wonder if Gusto works in Canada and what the features are available to Canadian users. In this section, we will take a closer look at Gusto w8 and its features.

What is Gusto W8

Gusto W8 is the Canadian version of Gusto’s payroll and HR software. It provides Canadian businesses with a full range of HR services, including payroll processing, employee onboarding, and benefits administration. The software is designed to work seamlessly with Canadian tax and regulatory requirements, making it an ideal solution for Canadian businesses of all sizes.

How Does Gusto W8 Work

Gusto W8 is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. To get started, users need to create an account and set up their company’s payroll details, including employee information, pay rates, and tax settings. From there, the software automates payroll processing, including direct deposit and tax calculations.

In addition to payroll processing, Gusto W8 offers a range of HR services, including employee onboarding, benefits administration, and time and attendance tracking. The software integrates with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero, making it easy to manage all aspects of your business finances in one place.

Features of Gusto W8

Gusto W8 offers a range of features designed to make payroll and HR management easy for Canadian businesses. Some of the key features of the software include:

  • Automated payroll processing, including direct deposit and tax calculations
  • Employee onboarding tools, including digital onboarding forms and automated workflows
  • Benefits administration, including health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Time and attendance tracking, including time-off requests and approvals
  • Integration with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero

Gusto W8 is an excellent payroll and HR software designed for Canadian businesses of all sizes. With its cloud-based platform and automation features, it can help companies save time and money on HR management. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to manage your payroll and HR needs, Gusto W8 is definitely worth considering.

Gusto to Wise

When it comes to payroll software, Gusto is one of the most popular options available in the United States. However, its availability outside of the US is limited, and many businesses in Canada wonder if Gusto will work for them. While Gusto does not currently operate in Canada, there are alternatives available that offer similar features and functionality.

Wise Payroll

One alternative to Gusto that has gained popularity in Canada is Wise Payroll. Wise is a Canadian-based company that offers a range of services, including payroll processing. While it may not have the name recognition of Gusto, Wise is a solid option for businesses in Canada looking for a payroll solution.

Features and Benefits

Wise offers many of the same features as Gusto, including direct deposit, auto-fill T4s, and employee self-service portals. In addition, it offers additional features such as CRA remittance and ROE filing, making it a comprehensive solution for Canadian businesses. With Wise, businesses can streamline their payroll processes and stay compliant with Canadian tax laws.


Wise offers a transparent and affordable pricing structure that is based on the number of employees in a business. This makes it easy for businesses to budget and forecast payroll expenses. Wise also offers a free trial so businesses can test the software before committing to a subscription.

While Gusto does not currently operate in Canada, businesses in Canada have access to other payroll solutions, including Wise Payroll. Wise offers many of the same features and benefits as Gusto, and is a popular and trusted solution in the Canadian market. By comparing the features and pricing of different options, businesses in Canada can find the right payroll solution to meet their needs.

Does Gusto Payroll Work in Canada

Gusto Payroll is an online payroll service that delivers a stress-free solution for business owners who manage their employees’ payroll. If you’re an employer in Canada looking to make the payroll process hassle-free, Gusto Payroll is the solution you need.

How Does Gusto Payroll Work

Gusto Payroll has an easy-to-use platform that allows businesses to manage their employees’ payroll, time off requests, benefits, and compliance all in one place. The service eliminates the need for business owners to worry about complex payroll calculations and avoids costly compliance mistakes. With Gusto, you can automate your payroll process, reducing the risk of human error.

Why Choose Gusto Payroll

Gusto Payroll is the perfect solution for small business owners who want to manage their payroll in-house. Here are some benefits of using Gusto Payroll:

1. Automate Complex Calculations

Gusto Payroll automates complex payroll calculations, allowing employers to avoid costly mistakes and save time. Instead of manually calculating your employees’ salaries and tax deductions, Gusto Payroll does it for you.

2. Easy to Use

Gusto Payroll has a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate, and the dashboard is straightforward to understand. You don’t need to be a payroll expert to use Gusto Payroll.

3. Compliance and Security

does gusto work in canada

Gusto Payroll complies with various regulations to ensure that your payroll is accurate and secure. The software conducts regular audits to identify and rectify any payroll issues, ensuring that your business avoids compliance penalties.

4. Additional Benefits

Gusto Payroll also offers additional benefits such as online HR support, a wide range of employee benefits, and time off management. It gives your employees the flexibility to manage their time off requests and access their pay stubs with ease.

If you’re a small business owner in Canada looking for a reliable payroll service, Gusto Payroll is the solution you need. The platform is user-friendly, secure, and offers automation capabilities that help business owners save time and avoid costly errors. With Gusto Payroll, you can focus on growing your business while a dedicated team handles your payroll.

How Does Gusto Work

Gusto works by streamlining payroll, benefits, and HR tasks for small businesses. The platform simplifies payroll processing by automating tax calculations, generating pay stubs, and processing direct deposits. Gusto also allows employers to manage employee benefits like health insurance, 401(k), and workers’ compensation from one place, making it easier to keep track of benefit offerings and enrollments.

Payroll Processing

Gusto provides seamless payroll processing by automating all payroll-related tasks. The platform calculates taxes, generates pay stubs, and processes direct deposits, saving employers time and effort. Employees can also view their pay stubs and tax forms online through the Gusto portal, eliminating the need for paper documents.

Benefits Management

Gusto simplifies the process of offering and managing employee benefits. Employers can choose from a variety of benefit options, including health insurance, 401(k), and workers’ compensation. Gusto also assists with benefit enrollment and keeps track of employee contributions and deductions.

HR Tasks

Gusto’s HR platform helps employers keep track of employee information, time off requests, and other HR-related tasks. The platform also provides onboarding tools and customizable new-hire packets, streamlining the hiring process for small businesses.

In summary, Gusto is a comprehensive platform that helps small businesses streamline and automate their payroll, benefits, and HR tasks. By simplifying these processes, Gusto can save employers valuable time and effort, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses.

Gusto Exchange Rates

As a Canadian user of Gusto, you might wonder how Gusto handles exchange rates. This is especially important if you employ international workers whose salaries are paid in a foreign currency.

Currency Conversion

Gusto uses the mid-market exchange rate to convert foreign currencies to CAD. This rate is updated every hour, ensuring that your foreign currency payouts are always converted at the most current market rate.


Gusto is transparent with their exchange rate conversion process. They clearly show a breakdown of the initial foreign currency payout, the conversion rate used and the final converted CAD amount in the employee’s paystub. This helps employees understand how the conversion process works and ensures that there are no hidden fees.

International Workers

For employers in Canada, Gusto makes paying international workers easy too. With Gusto’s payroll solution, the platform handles the calculation of taxes and deductions and also the conversion of foreign currencies to CAD for payouts. This means you don’t have to worry about manually converting your foreign worker’s salaries or managing complicated tax calculations.

Gusto provides a fully automated, user-friendly payroll solution for Canadian employers. They handle all aspects of currency conversion and taxes for international workers. By providing a transparent and simple platform, Gusto makes payroll easy, whether you’re paying Canadian or international workers.

Does Gusto Have a PEO

If you’re new to Gusto, you might be wondering if they offer PEO services. A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a company that handles human resources, payroll, and benefits administration for other businesses.

What’s a PEO and Why Do You Need One

A PEO can be an attractive option for small businesses that lack the scale to have their own HR department. By partnering with a PEO, your company can leverage the purchasing power of a larger organization to provide better benefits, improve payroll processing, and reduce HR compliance risk. Essentially, a PEO takes care of all the HR tasks you don’t have time for, so you can focus on what you do best.

Does Gusto Offer PEO Services

The short answer is yes! Gusto does offer PEO services, which they call “Gusto HR.” Gusto HR provides small businesses with access to all the benefits of a PEO, including HR compliance, payroll processing, employee benefits, and more. Essentially, Gusto becomes your company’s HR department, handling everything from onboarding to offboarding.

What Are the Benefits of Gusto HR

There are several reasons why Gusto HR may be a good fit for your small business. First, Gusto provides the convenience of having all your HR services in one place. This means you don’t have to worry about juggling multiple vendors for payroll, benefits, and compliance.

Second, Gusto offers a robust benefits package that can help you attract and retain top talent. With Gusto, you can offer your employees perks like 401(k) plans, healthcare, commuter benefits, and more.

Finally, partnering with Gusto can help you reduce your risk of HR compliance issues. Gusto stays up-to-date on the latest HR laws and regulations, so you don’t have to. They handle all the paperwork and ensure that your company stays in compliance with federal and state laws.

In summary, Gusto does offer PEO services through Gusto HR. If you’re a small business owner looking to offload your HR tasks to a trusted partner, Gusto HR may be the perfect solution. With Gusto HR, you get access to all the benefits of a PEO, including payroll processing, benefits administration, HR compliance, and more. Consider partnering with Gusto to free up your time, improve your HR operations, and attract top talent to your company.

Gusto Contractor Only Plan

Gusto is a popular payroll and HR management platform that has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, it’s no wonder why so many businesses have turned to Gusto to manage their human capital needs.

For contractors, there is a special plan that Gusto offers – the Gusto Contractor Only Plan. This plan is specifically designed for individuals who are self-employed and have no employees working under them.

What is the Gusto Contractor Only Plan

The Gusto Contractor Only Plan is a subscription-based service that is tailored to the needs of independent contractors. With this plan, you can enjoy all the benefits of Gusto’s payroll and HR management features, without having to worry about managing a large workforce.

Some of the benefits of the Gusto Contractor Only Plan include:

  • Unlimited payroll runs
  • Direct deposit and paper checks
  • Year-end tax form filing (1099s)
  • Worker’s compensation insurance
  • Health benefits administration
  • Time-off tracking

Is the Gusto Contractor Only Plan available in Canada

As of now, the Gusto Contractor Only Plan is only available in the United States. However, Gusto has plans to expand its services to other countries, including Canada, in the near future.

How much does the Gusto Contractor Only Plan cost

The Gusto Contractor Only Plan is priced at $6 per month plus $6 per contractor per month. This means that if you have 3 contractors working under you, your total monthly cost would be $24 ($6 base fee + $18 for 3 contractors).

If you’re an independent contractor looking for an easy-to-use payroll and HR management platform, the Gusto Contractor Only Plan might be just what you need. With its affordable pricing and comprehensive features, Gusto can help you save time and money while staying compliant with tax laws and regulations. Although this plan is currently only available in the US, keep an eye out for any updates from Gusto regarding its availability in Canada.

Can You Use Gusto in the UK

Gusto is an amazing cloud-based payroll and human resource management platform that offers comprehensive solutions for small businesses. Many businesses in Canada are already using the platform to manage their payroll and employee data.

But what about businesses in the UK? Can they use Gusto?

The answer is no. Unfortunately, Gusto is currently only available in Canada and the United States. That means businesses in the UK cannot use the platform to manage their payroll.

However, there are many other payroll solutions available in the UK that businesses can utilize instead. These include options such as Paychex, Xero, Sage, and ADP.

If you’re a small business owner in the UK and looking for a payroll management platform that fits your needs, it’s important to research and compare different options to find the right fit for your business.

Alternatives to Gusto


Paychex is a payroll management platform that offers a suite of services that include payroll processing, tax filing, and HR administration. The platform is designed to help small businesses manage their payroll and HR needs efficiently.


Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that includes a payroll management module for small businesses. The platform offers end-to-end payroll processing, tax filing, and employee management features that enable businesses to streamline their payroll processes.


Sage is one of the most popular payroll and accounting software platforms in the UK. The platform offers a range of solutions for small businesses, including payroll processing, tax filing, and HR administration.


ADP is a payroll and HR management platform that offers comprehensive solutions for small businesses. The platform allows businesses to manage their employee data, payroll, tax filings, and HR administration from one central location.

While Gusto is not yet available in the UK, there are many other payroll management platforms that businesses can utilize to manage their employee data, payroll processing, and tax filing. By researching and comparing different options, small business owners in the UK can find the right platform that fits their needs and budget.

Is Gusto Available in Canada

Many Canadian small business owners wonder whether they can use Gusto for managing their payroll and other HR needs. In this subsection, we’ll dive into whether or not Gusto is available in Canada.

Gusto’s Expansion to Canada

It’s important to note that Gusto used to be a payroll software exclusively for businesses in the United States. However, in 2020, Gusto announced its expansion to Canada, marking its first venture outside of the United States. Canadian businesses can now use the Gusto software to manage their payroll, benefits, and HR needs effectively.

Gusto’s Features in Canada

Gusto in Canada features comprehensive payroll management, automated tax remittances, and enhanced HR functionality. Canadian businesses can also enjoy an exclusive set of payroll features that cater specifically to Canada’s payroll and labor laws. These features include T4 slips, ROE reports, and statutory holiday pay customization.

The Availability of Gusto’s Services in Canadian Provinces

While Gusto is now available in Canada, it’s worth noting that its services come with specific availability based on the province. Currently, Gusto services are available in the following Canadian provinces:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan

If your business is located in any of the above provinces, you can sign up for Gusto’s services with ease.

Gusto’s expansion to Canada means that Canadian small businesses can now access its top-rated payroll tool, HR functionality, and other features. It’s worth noting that Gusto is currently available in six Canadian provinces. If your business is located in any of these provinces, you can enjoy Gusto’s services seamlessly.

Overall, Gusto’s expansion to Canada is great news for Canadian small businesses that want to streamline their HR processes and manage payroll more effectively.

Gusto Exchange Rate USD to PHP

One of the biggest concerns for businesses using Gusto in Canada is the exchange rate when paying employees in the Philippines. The exchange rate between USD and PHP is constantly fluctuating, making it difficult to predict the amount your employees will receive in their native currency. Here are a few things you should know about the Gusto exchange rate:

Understanding the Exchange Rate

When you pay your employees in the Philippines using Gusto, the amount you pay them is in USD. This means that their pay is subject to the current exchange rate when they receive it in PHP. It’s important to keep in mind that the exchange rate can change quickly and without warning, so it’s essential to stay up-to-date on the latest rates.

does gusto work in canada

Factors Affecting the Exchange Rate

Several factors can influence the exchange rate between USD and PHP. These factors include global economic conditions, political instability, and government policies. Because of these fluctuations, it can be challenging to predict the exact amount that your employees will receive in their local currency.

does gusto work in canada

Mitigating Exchange Rate Risks

There are several ways to mitigate the risks associated with the exchange rate when using Gusto. One option is to use a provider that specializes in currency exchange. These providers can offer competitive exchange rates and help you manage your currency risk.

The Gusto exchange rate between USD and PHP can be a concern for businesses paying employees in the Philippines. Understanding the factors that affect the rate and implementing strategies to mitigate risks can help you provide your employees with a reliable and fair payment system. Remember to stay up-to-date on the latest exchange rates to ensure that your employees are receiving the correct amount of pay in their local currency.

Does Gusto Work Outside the US

Gusto is a payroll and benefits software that caters primarily to the US market. However, the question on many people’s minds is whether Gusto works outside the US. The answer is both yes and no, depending on where you are.

Gusto Canada

If you are in Canada, you’re in luck because Gusto has expanded its offerings to our neighbors to the north. Canadian businesses can now use Gusto’s payroll and benefits software to manage their workforce. Gusto Canada has features that comply with Canadian labor laws, including support for a different set of tax requirements, worker’s compensation, and healthcare.

Gusto International

For other countries, Gusto isn’t available yet. Gusto does not have a global version, and it does not cater to businesses outside the US and Canada.

However, Gusto has promised to expand its offerings internationally soon. If you’re looking to take advantage of Gusto’s features and you’re not in the US or Canada, there’s hope on the horizon. You can sign up for their waiting list, and the company will update you when they launch in your country.

Gusto is a powerful payroll and benefits software that has made life easier for many businesses in the US and Canada. Though it’s currently only available in two countries, Gusto has plans to expand its offerings to other countries soon. If you’re not in the US or Canada, you can sign up for their waiting list and get notified when they launch in your country.

Overall, Gusto is an excellent option if you’re in the US or Canada looking for a reliable and efficient payroll and benefits software. And if you’re in another country, there’s hope that Gusto will expand to your country soon.

Who is Gusto Bank partners with

Gusto is a unique online bank that offers Canadians the opportunity to manage their finances online without the added costs of traditional banking. This article seeks to explore the bank’s partners and how they help Gusto serve its customers better.

Partner 1: Equifax

Equifax Canada is one of Gusto’s partners. This credit reporting agency provides secure and efficient identity verification services for Gusto. Through its partnership with Equifax, Gusto can efficiently verify the identities of its customers, ensuring that their information is safe and secure.

Partner 2: MasterCard

Gusto has also partnered with MasterCard to provide credit card services to customers. Through this partnership, Gusto customers can use their MasterCard to make purchases both locally and internationally. With no added foreign exchange fees or annual fees, customers can save money and spend responsibly on their credit card.

Partner 3: Transferwise

Transferwise is Gusto’s partner for international money transfers. With Transferwise, Gusto customers can send money to over 80 countries worldwide. Transfer fees are low, and the exchange rate is always competitive with no hidden fees.

Partner 4: ATB Financial

ATB Financial is a partner of Gusto’s that allows its customers to withdraw cash for free from any ATB Financial banking machine in Canada. This partnership with ATB Financial ensures that customers do not have to pay extra fees when they need to withdraw cash.

In conclusion, Gusto has partnered with several reputable companies to provide its customers with unparalleled financial services. From secure identity verification with Equifax to international money transfers with Transferwise, Gusto has got its customers covered. By continually partnering with other top companies, Gusto continues to meet its customers’ ever-changing needs.

Can Gusto Pay Canadian Employees

Gusto is one of the most popular payroll software for small business owners in the United States, but can it pay Canadian employees? The answer is Yes. Gusto can pay Canadian employees, and it has plenty of features to help businesses operate smoothly in Canada.

Payroll Processing

Gusto follows the Canadian payroll system and ensures all deductions, taxes, and benefits are accurately done according to Canadian laws and regulations. It also allows for an easy onboarding process that helps employees get paid on time, every time.

Direct Deposit and Online Pay Stubs

Gusto allows Canadian employees to receive their salaries via direct deposit, which means they don’t have to worry about paper checks or going to the bank. This feature is very convenient and saves a lot of time. Additionally, employees can access and download their pay stubs from their Gusto account anytime they want, which reduces paperwork and increases transparency.

Tax Filing and Regulations

Gusto provides Canadian businesses with the tools and features they need to stay compliant with Canada’s tax regulations. It also offers a simple and easy process for filing taxes online with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

Time Tracking

Gusto has an easy-to-use time-tracking feature that offers businesses in Canada the ability to track employee hours and manage schedules. It integrates with Gusto payroll, which makes the process of calculating employee paychecks much more manageable.

Gusto is a fantastic payroll software for small business owners that need to pay Canadian employees. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities that can help employers run their businesses efficiently in Canada. From payroll processing to time tracking, Gusto ensures that all essential aspects of employee management are done right.

Is Gusto a Good Company to Work For

As an HR and payroll company, Gusto has been making waves in the United States. However, does that mean they’re a good company to work for? Let’s take a closer look to answer the question.

Workplace Culture

Gusto has been rated highly for their workplace culture. They offer a work-life balance that’s difficult to find in most companies nowadays. Flexibility is encouraged, with many employees working remotely. Gusto’s leadership has also prioritized diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They have employee resource groups to foster a sense of belonging and community for all employees.

Benefits and Perks

When it comes to benefits and perks, Gusto is not shy about offering their employees the best. They have generous health and dental insurance, a 401(k) plan, and even a wellness program that includes free fitness classes. On top of that, employees are encouraged to take unlimited vacation time–a perk that’s often associated with tech startups.

Career Growth Opportunities

Gusto also provides several opportunities for career growth. They offer professional development programs to help employees hone their skills and learn new ones. Gusto also encourages lateral and upward mobility, so employees can explore different roles within the company and grow their careers.

Work Environment

Gusto’s office environment is designed to promote productivity and collaboration. They prioritize ergonomics with standing desks and ergonomic chairs. They also have various amenities such as a game room, nap rooms, and healthy snacks to keep employees energized.

All these factors combined make Gusto a highly desirable company to work for. From their benefits and perks, career growth opportunities, and work environment to their workplace culture, Gusto genuinely seems to prioritize their employees. Overall, Gusto could be considered an excellent company to work for if you’re looking for a balance between work and life.

Gusto International Contractors Pricing

If you’re an employer looking to expand your business to other countries, you might want to know how much it would cost to hire international contractors. This section will discuss Gusto’s pricing for international contractors and how it works.

How does Gusto pricing work for international contractors

Gusto charges an additional $12/month per contractor for international contractors. This means that if you have five international contractors, you’ll be charged an extra $60/month. Keep in mind that this fee is in addition to the regular monthly fee for Gusto’s payroll and employee benefits services.

Are there any additional fees

No, there shouldn’t be any additional fees. Gusto provides a simple and straightforward pricing structure that doesn’t hide any hidden fees. However, if you’re looking for additional services like HR consulting or implementation of payroll in a foreign country, you might consider reaching out to Gusto’s customer support team for more information.

Is it worth the extra cost

It depends on the nature of your business and how many international contractors you’ll be hiring. If you’re hiring just one or two contractors, the additional cost might not be worth it. However, if you’re hiring a large number of international contractors, Gusto’s international hiring services could be a great way to save time and energy. Gusto takes care of all the paperwork, taxes, and benefits for you, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

In conclusion, Gusto’s pricing for international contractors is reasonable and upfront. If you’re planning on expanding your business overseas, Gusto’s international hiring services could be a great option for you. With its simple pricing structure and excellent customer support, Gusto is a top player in the payroll and HR industry.

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