Avocado Mattress Order Status: All Your Questions Answered

Are you eagerly waiting for your Avocado mattress to arrive? Or are you having second thoughts after placing your order? Either way, you’re in the right place! In this blog post, we’ll share useful information about Avocado mattress order status. We’ll cover everything from shipping times to canceling an order and returning a mattress.

  • Where does Avocado ship from?
    Avocado is based in Los Angeles, California. The company manufactures all its mattresses in California before shipping them to customers across the US and Canada.

  • Avocado mattress cancel order
    Changed your mind? No problem, Avocado offers a 100-night sleep trial. Just log in to your account and cancel your order from there.

  • Avocado mattress shipping time
    After placing your order, Avocado takes 1 to 3 business days to process it. Once your order is confirmed, the mattress will be shipped from California. Shipping times vary depending on your location.

  • How is Avocado mattress shipped?
    Avocado mattresses are shipped via FedEx or XPO Logistics. You’ll receive an email with tracking information once your mattress has shipped.

  • Does Avocado mattress have formaldehyde?
    No, Avocado uses natural and organic materials in its mattresses. They don’t use any toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde.

  • Is it hard to return an Avocado mattress?
    No, Avocado offers free returns within the 100-night sleep trial period. If you’re not satisfied with your mattress, the company will arrange for a local charity to come to pick it up and donate it to a good cause.

  • How long does Avocado mattress take to ship?
    Shipping times vary depending on your location. Once your order has been processed, you can expect delivery within 2 to 5 business days.

In conclusion, ordering an Avocado mattress is easy, and the company provides excellent customer service. We hope this information helps you understand the process, ease any concerns, and allows you to feel confident in your purchase.

Understanding Your Avocado Mattress Order Status

If you’re excited about receiving your new Avocado mattress, the first thing you’ll want to know is when it will arrive. Fortunately, tracking the status of your order is simple, and you can stay up to date on the estimated delivery date.

How to Check Your Avocado Mattress Order Status

To check the status of your Avocado mattress order, you can simply log in to your account at the Avocado website. After you log in, click on the “Orders” tab to see any recent purchases you’ve made. You can also reach out to customer service via their website or email to inquire about the status of your order.

Understanding the Different Avocado Mattress Order Statuses

Once your order is placed, the status will be updated as it progresses through the various stages of production and shipping. Here’s a breakdown of the different order statuses you may see:

Order Confirmed: This status means that your order has been received and is being processed.

In Production: This status indicates that your mattress is being manufactured and should be ready for shipping soon.

Shipped: Your mattress has been shipped and is on its way to you. You can track your shipment’s progress through the carrier’s website.

Delivered: Your shipment has been delivered to the specified delivery address. Remember, you’ll need to be available to sign for your mattress upon its arrival.

By understanding these different order statuses, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your order’s progress and be ready to receive your new, high-quality Avocado mattress as soon as it arrives.

Where does Avocado ship from

If you’re pondering about where Avocado sources its products or where your Avocado mattress will ship from, you’ve come to the right place! In this subsection, we’ll take a look at where Avocado ships its products from, so you can know what to expect.

The Shipping Origins

Avocado, like numerous other companies, has multiple distribution centers. Depending on your location, your order will most likely be transported from one of the following locations:

1. California

Avocado’s headquarters and primary manufacturing facility are both situated in California, making it the natural source for frequently requested goods. Avocado’s organic and natural materials are tested, prepared, and warehoused in California, ensuring that every aspect of the production process meets the highest standards.

2. New Jersey

The majority of purchasers in the northeastern United States will receive their Avaocado shipments from Avocado’s New Jersey distribution center. If you’re on the East Coast, your purchase will most likely arrive from New Jersey, which boasts a well-connected network of roads and highways, allowing for fast and efficient distribution of goods.

Shipping Timeframe

Avocado provides free shipping to the contiguous United States. Shipping usually takes 7 to 10 business days after processing, if not a little longer. Unfortunately, additional fees will be required for expedited shipping, which depends on your location.

Final Words

We hope that this subsection has provided a good understanding of where Avocado ships from. Avocado’s eco-friendly and non-toxic approach to manufacturing indicates its commitment to sustainability and the globe. So, sit back, relax, and wait for your Avocado mattress to arrive!

Cancelling Your Avocado Mattress Order

If for any reason you need to cancel your Avocado mattress order, don’t worry, it’s a straightforward process. Here’s a quick guide on how to cancel your order:

Step 1: Check Your Order Status

Before canceling your order, you need to know its status. You can do this by checking your order confirmation email or logging in to your Avocado account.

Step 2: Contact Avocado Support

If your order hasn’t yet shipped, the easiest way to cancel it is by contacting Avocado support. You can do this by sending them an email, chatting with them through the website’s chat function, or calling their customer service hotline.

avocado mattress order status

Step 3: Provide Your Order Information

To cancel your order, Avocado’s support team will need some information from you. Make sure you have your order number and the email address associated with your account handy.

Step 4: Wait for Confirmation

Once you’ve requested a cancellation, Avocado’s support team will inform you of the outcome. If your request is successful, they’ll issue a refund.

Step 5: Check Your Refund

If you’ve canceled your order and received a refund, make sure to check your bank account or credit card statement to ensure the transaction went through.

While we’re sure you won’t regret your decision to order an Avocado mattress, unforeseen circumstances can arise that mean you need to cancel your order. With the above steps, cancelling your order should be a hassle-free process. If you have any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to Avocado’s friendly support team for assistance.

Avocado Mattress Shipping Time

If you’ve recently bought an Avocado mattress, you’re probably eager to know when it will be delivered to your home. The shipping time of a mattress can be a significant concern for many customers. In this subsection, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the avocado mattress shipping time.

What is the typical shipping time for an Avocado Mattress

Avocado mattresses are usually made to order and shipped from their facility in California. The typical delivery time for an avocado mattress is between 2-3 weeks. However, the shipping time may vary depending on your location and the availability of the specific mattress you have ordered.

How does Avocado ship their mattresses

Avocado uses a standard ground shipping method for their mattresses. The company has partnered with different freight carriers to transport their products across the US. Once your order is ready, the freight carrier will contact you to schedule a delivery date and time that works best for you.

Can I track my Avocado mattress shipment

Yes, you can track your avocado mattress shipment. After placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation email along with a tracking number that you can use to track your shipment. You can also contact Avocado’s customer service team for updates on your delivery status.

How can I ensure a faster delivery of my Avocado mattress

If you need your mattress urgently, you can opt for an expedited shipping option. Avocado offers an expedited shipping service for an additional fee, which typically delivers the mattress within one week. However, this service is only available for customers located in the continental US.

In conclusion, the Avocado mattress shipping time is typically between 2-3 weeks, although it can vary depending on your location and the availability of the mattress. If you need your mattress faster, you can choose the expedited shipping option at an extra cost. Remember to track your shipment using the tracking number provided to you and contact Avocado’s customer service team for any inquiries regarding your order.

avocado mattress order status

How Avocado Mattress is Shipped

If you’ve recently ordered an Avocado mattress, you may be wondering how it will be delivered and what you can expect. Rest assured that Avocado takes great care in getting your new mattress to you in pristine condition.

Delivery Method

Avocado offers free shipping and white-glove delivery for their mattresses. The delivery process will vary depending on the size of your order and your location. Avocado uses various shippers, including UPS, FedEx, or a local freight carrier.


Your Avocado mattress will arrive compressed, rolled, and tightly packed in a box made from 100% recyclable materials. As soon as you receive your new mattress, unpack it as soon as possible and let it sit for a few hours to expand to its full size.

White-Glove Delivery

avocado mattress order status

If you opt for white-glove delivery, the delivery team will set up your new mattress for you. They will remove your old mattress and dispose of it for you, giving you the peace of mind that your old mattress will be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. The delivery team will also remove all the packaging materials, leaving your room with a clean and fresh appearance.

Tracking Your Order

As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number that will allow you to monitor the status of your shipment. Avocado will also send you a notification via email or SMS the day before delivery to give you an estimated delivery window.

In conclusion, when you order an Avocado mattress, you can expect free shipping and white-glove delivery, your mattress to arrive compressed and rolled in a 100% recyclable box, and a tracking number to monitor your order’s status. With Avocado’s outstanding customer service, you can rest assured that your mattress order will be a hassle-free experience.

Does Avocado Mattress contain formaldehyde

If you’re wondering whether Avocado Mattress has formaldehyde, the answer is no. The company does not use formaldehyde or any harmful chemicals in the production of their mattresses.

How Avocado Mattress ensures their mattresses are safe

Avocado Mattress has strict standards when it comes to the materials used in their mattresses. The company uses natural and organic materials to make their mattresses, which ensures that their products are free from harsh chemicals and toxins.

Avocado Mattress also has certifications from various organizations that promote healthy living, such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), GREENGUARD Gold, and OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Why you should choose Avocado Mattress

If you’re looking for a safe and healthy mattress that’s good for the environment, Avocado Mattress is an excellent choice. The company uses eco-friendly materials, such as organic wool and cotton, natural latex, and recycled steel coils, to make their mattresses.

Besides being eco-friendly, Avocado Mattress is also comfortable and durable. Their mattresses provide excellent support, pressure relief, and breathability, which ensures a good night’s sleep.

In conclusion, Avocado Mattress does not contain formaldehyde or any harmful chemicals. The company uses natural and organic materials to make their mattresses, which ensures their products are safe for you and the environment. If you’re in the market for a high-quality, eco-friendly mattress, Avocado Mattress is definitely worth considering.

How Long Does an Avocado Mattress Take to Ship

If you’re eagerly waiting for your Avocado mattress to arrive on your doorstep, you might be wondering how long it will take to get there. The good news is that Avocado prides itself on fast and efficient shipping. However, there are some factors that can impact the delivery time.

Shipping Time

When you place an order for an Avocado mattress, the estimated delivery time is typically between five to ten business days. However, the exact time it takes for your mattress to arrive will depend on several factors, including your location and the shipping method you select. Avocado offers free shipping to all 50 states, but you can also pay for expedited shipping if you need your mattress in a hurry.

Order Processing Time

Before your mattress can be shipped, your order needs to be processed. This typically takes between one to three business days, depending on the time you placed your order and whether there are any back-ordered items. Once your order has been processed, you will receive a tracking number via email so you can keep tabs on your delivery.

COVID-19 Impact

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be some delays in shipping times. Avocado is taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of their employees and customers, which may cause a slight delay in the processing and delivery of your mattress. Keep in mind that these delays are only temporary, and Avocado is doing everything they can to get your mattress to you as soon as possible.

avocado mattress order status

Overall, Avocado mattresses typically take between five to ten business days to arrive. However, order processing and shipping times can vary depending on your location, shipping method, and any temporary delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re eager to get your hands on your Avocado mattress, be sure to keep an eye out for your tracking number and stay patient. We promise it will be worth the wait!

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