A Comprehensive Guide to Splash Virtual Events

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Are you tired of traditional events that require you to physically show up at a location? Well, splash virtual events are your solution. With the use of the splash app and website, you can now attend events, concerts, and conferences from the comfort of your home.

But what exactly is Splashthat and who owns it? Founded in 2012, Splashthat is a virtual event platform that allows event organizers to create, promote, and sell tickets for their events online. The platform now boasts over 3 million users and has hosted more than 700,000 events.

With Splashthat, creating a virtual event is a breeze. Utilizing various features like ticketing, zoom integration, and community building, your virtual event will have all it needs to wow your audience. But how do virtual events make money, and how can you create one online?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will explore Splash virtual events, their features, and the steps to take to create your virtual event. Additionally, we will discuss how Splashthat has evolved to become a valuable tool in the event planning industry. So let’s dive into the world of Splash virtual events and explore the possibilities they offer.

The Excitement of Splash Virtual Events

Splash virtual events are gaining in popularity as people embrace online activities more than ever before. These events combine the convenience of technology with the excitement of social events, creating a unique experience that is difficult to replicate in-person.

High Energy and Engaging

Splash virtual events are designed to be interactive and engaging for participants. These events can include live music, entertaining hosts, and engaging activities that get everyone involved. Attendees can connect with one another, compete in trivia games, and participate in group activities that keep the energy high and the excitement level up.

Cost-Effective and Convenient

One of the most significant benefits of splash virtual events is that they are cost-effective and convenient. Since everything is online, there is no need for expensive venue rentals, catering services, or other event-related expenses. Attendees can join from the comfort of their own homes without worrying about transportation or lodging.

A Great Way to Build Connections

Splash virtual events are a great way to network and build connections with people from all over the world. Attendees can connect with like-minded individuals, chat with industry leaders, and explore new opportunities. The ability to attend an event from anywhere in the world means that people from different locations and time zones can connect and build relationships that may not have been possible otherwise.

In conclusion, splash virtual events offer a unique experience that combines the benefits of technology with the excitement of social events. They are high-energy, engaging, cost-effective, and convenient. Attendees can build connections, compete in games, and participate in group activities that are designed to create a fun and memorable experience. With the rise of online activities, splash virtual events are a trend that is here to stay.

SplashThat: The Ultimate Tool for Creating Engaging Virtual Events

With the pandemic still very much in full swing, virtual events have become the norm for many businesses and organizations. And while the shift to virtual events has posed plenty of challenges, the rise of tools like SplashThat has made it easier than ever to create engaging and dynamic events that people are excited to attend.

What Is SplashThat

SplashThat is a cloud-based event marketing platform that allows users to create custom event pages, manage guest lists, and track engagement in real-time. It is designed to make it easy for anyone to create professional-looking events without the need for coding or design skills.

Key Features

Some of the key features of SplashThat include:

  • Customizable event pages: SplashThat allows users to create custom event pages that are tailored to their brand and audience. Users can choose from a range of templates and themes, or create their own from scratch using drag-and-drop tools.
  • Automated event marketing: SplashThat makes it easy to promote your event across multiple channels, including email, social media, and SMS. Users can create targeted campaigns and track engagement in real-time.
  • Guest list management: SplashThat allows users to manage their guest lists and send customizable invitations. It also offers tools for check-in and on-site registration.
  • Real-time analytics: SplashThat provides real-time analytics and insights into event engagement, allowing users to track registration, ticket sales, and more.

Benefits of Using SplashThat

Using SplashThat for your virtual events offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Professional-looking events: With SplashThat, anyone can create professional-looking events that are tailored to their brand and audience.
  • Improved engagement: SplashThat’s automated marketing tools and real-time analytics help to boost engagement and ensure that your events are well-attended.
  • Streamlined management: With SplashThat, everything from guest list management to check-in and registration is streamlined and simplified.
  • Cost-effective: SplashThat is an affordable solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes, offering a range of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets.

If you’re looking to create engaging and dynamic virtual events that people are excited to attend, SplashThat is definitely worth considering. With its range of features and user-friendly interface, it has quickly become one of the go-to tools for event marketers and planners.

Splash App: Your Ultimate Virtual Event Companion

Planning a virtual event has never been easier, and with the Splash app, it’s even more effortless. The app is an all-in-one platform to help you create engaging virtual events, manage ticket sales, and track attendee engagement.


The app’s dashboard is user-friendly, allowing you to view all your upcoming virtual events and attendee numbers. The dashboard also displays recent activity, such as ticket sales and registrants for each event.

Creating and Managing Events

Creating and managing events on Splash is like a walk in the park. The app allows you to design your event page by choosing pre-designed templates with built-in color schemes and fonts, or you can create your own using the available customization tools. You can upload images and videos, add speakers’ profiles, create sponsor banners, and more.

The app’s ticketing feature allows you to create multiple ticket types, set prices, create promo codes, and add custom questions to the registration process. You can also track ticket sales and attendee data in real-time.

Marketing Features

Promotion is an essential part of any event, whether virtual or in-person. The Splash app offers several marketing features to help you reach your desired audience. You can create custom email campaigns, landing pages, and ads on social media platforms. The app also allows you to track your marketing efforts, enabling you to measure your campaign’s success.

Engaging Attendees

The Splash app offers numerous tools to engage attendees before, during, and after your virtual event. As an organizer, you can create breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, and networking events. You can also set up polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions to keep your attendees engaged and interested. The app also provides a live chat option where attendees can communicate with other attendees.

Overall, the Splash app is an excellent tool for organizing and managing virtual events. It simplifies the entire process while offering a wide range of features to ensure your event is a success.

The Exciting World of Splash Events

Splash events are virtual events that are designed to break the monotony of traditional events. A splash event is a high-energy virtual experience that immerses attendees in a fun and engaging environment. Splash events are all about creating a unique and memorable experience for attendees. They’re perfect for companies looking to entertain clients or employees, launch products, or celebrate company milestones in style.

What Makes Splash Events Different

Splash events are different from traditional events in a few key ways. Firstly, splash events are virtual, which means they can be attended from anywhere in the world. This makes it much easier to get attendees from all over the globe to attend the event. Secondly, splash events are designed to be highly interactive. Attendees are encouraged to participate in the event, whether it’s by playing games, competing in contests, or taking part in other fun activities. Finally, splash events are all about the experience. They’re designed to be visually impressive, with stunning graphics and animations that transport attendees to another world.

What Can You Expect from a Splash Event

If you’re attending a splash event, you can expect to be fully immersed in an exciting virtual world. You’ll be able to interact with other attendees and participate in a wide range of activities. These might include games, challenges, virtual treasure hunts, and more. You’ll also be able to explore a virtual environment which has been designed to be visually stunning and highly engaging.

How to Host a Successful Splash Event

Getting the most out of your splash event requires careful planning. Firstly, you need to define your goals for the event. What do you want to achieve? This will help you to design an event that meets your objectives. Next, you need to think about the experience you want to create for attendees. What kind of environment do you want to create? What kind of activities do you want to offer? Finally, it’s important to promote your event effectively and ensure that attendees have all the information they need to participate fully in the event.

Splash events are an exciting and unique way to engage with clients, employees or customers. They offer a highly immersive, interactive and visually stunning experience that attendees won’t soon forget. By designing your event carefully and promoting it effectively, you can ensure that your splash event is a huge success.

Splash Website

If you’re planning to host a virtual event, creating a custom website to market and manage it is crucial. With Splash, you can easily create and manage a beautiful website that’s tailored to your event’s needs.


The first thing you’ll notice when using Splash is its modern, clean design. The platform offers a variety of pre-designed templates that will save you time, or you can create a customized look that reflects your brand.


Splash’s website builder comes with a variety of features that will help you streamline your event planning process. The platform has a built-in RSVP system that allows you to collect attendee information and send reminders. It also supports ticketing, including payment processing and different ticket types.


Splash provides detailed analytics that help you track your event’s performance in real-time to follow-up with customers. You can track things like pageviews, ticket sales, and referral sources, providing you with insights to help improve future events.


One of the advantages of Splash is its seamless integration with other event management tools. You can easily integrate the website with popular email marketing platforms, such as MailChimp and segment.io.

Overall, Splash provides an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for building your virtual event’s website. By using Splash, you can create a beautiful website in minutes that will help increase attendance and promote your event.

Splash Community: Engage and Connect with Like-Minded People

Are you tired of attending virtual events that feel disconnected and impersonal? Look no further than the Splash Community, where you can connect with like-minded people and engage in meaningful conversations.

What is the Splash Community

The Splash Community is a platform designed to connect people who share similar interests and passions. Whether you’re into cooking, writing, or fitness, there’s a group for you. With regular virtual meetups and events, you can engage in lively discussions, share your knowledge, and connect with new people.

The Benefits of Joining the Splash Community

  1. Access to exclusive events: As a member of the Splash Community, you’ll have access to a variety of virtual events that are not open to the public. From workshops to masterclasses, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from experts in your field and connect with other participants.

  2. Expand your network: The Splash Community is made up of people from all over the world, providing you with a diverse and inclusive network of like-minded individuals. Whether you’re looking for new business opportunities or simply want to make new friends, the Splash Community has got you covered.

  3. Learn from others: As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one.” By participating in the Splash Community, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from others and share your own knowledge. This can lead to new insights and perspectives that you may not have considered before.

Join the Splash Community Today

If you’re ready to connect with like-minded individuals and engage in meaningful conversations, join the Splash Community today. With regular virtual events and meetups, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your network, learn new things, and have fun along the way. So what are you waiting for? Join the Splash Community today and start making meaningful connections.

Splash Ticketing

Virtual events have become an effective solution for companies looking to connect with their audience from different parts of the world. Splash virtual events offer a convenient and cost-effective way to organize meetings, webinars, concerts, and other events online. However, organizing a successful virtual event requires excellent planning, excellent execution, and effective ticketing management. Here are some tips on how to maximize ticket sales for your virtual event:

Offer Early Bird Discounts

Offering early bird discounts is an excellent way to incentivize people to purchase tickets earlier. You can create a sense of urgency and scarcity by offering a limited number of discounted tickets. Early bird discounts can help increase ticket sales and provide a financial cushion before the event date.

Provide Different Ticket Types

Offering different ticket types based on attendee preferences is another way to maximize ticket sales. For example, some attendees might want to participate in the event but cannot attend all the sessions. You can create different ticket types such as single day access tickets or all-access, multi-day tickets.

Leverage Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer excellent marketing opportunities for virtual events. You can choose to promote your event by creating social media campaigns and using relevant hashtags. You can also encourage attendees to share your event with their followers and offer them discounts for doing so.

Create a Sense of FOMO

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is an effective marketing strategy that can help increase ticket sales. You can create a sense of exclusivity by limiting the number of tickets available for sale. You can also create a countdown timer to the event to create a sense of urgency and make your attendees feel like they need to attend the event.

Use a Reliable Ticketing Platform

Using a reliable ticketing platform is critical to the success of your virtual event. Splash ticketing offers an excellent solution for managing your virtual event ticketing needs. Splash offers customizable checkout pages, easy payment processing, and real-time ticket tracking, among other features.

In conclusion, maximizing ticket sales for your virtual event requires careful planning and execution. By leveraging social media, offering different ticket types, and creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity, you can increase ticket sales and create a successful virtual event. Using Splash ticketing can help you manage your ticket sales efficiently and ensure a great attendee experience.

Splash that Login

Are you excited to attend the latest virtual event but struggling to log in? No worries, let’s walk you through a few steps to make the process less daunting.

Check Your Email

The first step in logging into a virtual event with Splash is to check your email for a confirmation message. Once you’ve opened the email, click on the “Join Event” button or link, and it will take you directly to the login page.

Enter Your Credentials

If the event requires a login, enter your username and password, and click “Log In.” Some events might require you to create a profile before signing in.

Reset Your Password

Did you forget your password? No problem. Click on the “Forgot Password” link and follow the instructions to reset it. You’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password.

Get in Touch with Support

Still can’t log in? Contact Splash support, and they’ll be happy to help you out. They can usually assist with any issues, such as forgotten usernames or blocked accounts.

Logging into virtual events can seem complicated, but it’s not. Remember to check your email for confirmation, enter your credentials, reset your password if needed, and contact support if all else fails. Now, go ahead and enjoy your upcoming virtual event without any stress!

Who Owns Splash That

If you are considering hosting a virtual event, you may have come across the platform Splash That. But, who owns Splash That? The company launched in 2012, and the co-founders Ben Hindman and Brett Boskoff are the current owners.

The Founders

Ben Hindman, the current CEO of Splash That, started his career by organizing events for MTV, and then founded his own event agency, One Fine Stay, in 2009. Today, Hindman is a force in the event management world and is known for his innovative ideas.

Brett Boskoff, the COO of Splash That, has a diverse background, including finance, marketing, and politics. Before co-founding Splash That with Hindman, Boskoff worked on political campaigns and was the Director of Marketing and Online Fundraising at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The Acquisition

In 2017, Splash That was acquired by the event management company, Vista Equity Partners. Vista Equity Partners is known for investing in software companies and has provided funding to numerous companies in the event space.

Despite the acquisition, Hindman and Boskoff have remained at the helm of Splash That, and the platform has continued to grow and innovate.

In conclusion, Ben Hindman and Brett Boskoff are the current owners of Splash That. The platform was acquired by Vista Equity Partners in 2017, but Hindman and Boskoff have remained in charge. With their leadership, Splash That has become a top player in the event management space, offering innovative solutions for both virtual and in-person events.

Splash Day Activities

Splash day activities are a fun way to celebrate the summertime and cool off from the heat. From water balloons to slip and slides, there are a variety of activities that can make your splash day a memorable one.

Water Balloon Toss

Water balloon toss is a classic game that never gets old. All you need is some water balloons and a partner to toss them back and forth with. The goal is to see how far apart you can get before the balloon pops.

Slip and Slide

A slip and slide is a great addition to any splash day event. All you need is a long sheet of plastic, some water, and a bit of dish soap. Set up the slide and let the fun begin!

Water Gun Fight

A water gun fight is a fun and easy way to cool off on a hot day. Gather some water guns and invite your friends to battle it out in the backyard.

Sprinkler Fun

If you don’t have access to a pool, a sprinkler can provide endless hours of fun. Set up the sprinkler and let the kids run around and cool off.

DIY Water Obstacle Course

Get creative and set up your own water obstacle course. Use items like pool noodles, tires, and cones to create a fun and challenging course.

splash virtual events

Overall, splash day activities are a great way to have fun and beat the heat. Whether you’re hosting a party or just looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, these activities are sure to make a splash with your friends and family.

Splash Adventure Hours

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting way to spend an evening with your friends or family, then you should definitely check out splash adventure hours. This interactive experience is a great way to have fun and get wet at the same time. Here’s everything you need to know about splash adventure hours.

What are splash adventure hours

Splash adventure hours are a series of events that take place at water parks or other water-themed venues. During these events, the park stays open for several extra hours, and the usual water attractions are transformed into a series of thrilling experiences. Think of it as an adult-only water park, where you can enjoy all the rides and slides without having to worry about the kids.

What can you expect

Splash adventure hours are designed to be a thrilling and unique experience. You can expect to see the water park in a whole new light, with special lighting and decorations creating a fun and exciting atmosphere. You’ll also get to enjoy all the usual rides and slides, but with a bit of a twist. Some attractions may have special features turned on, like fog machines or special effects, to create a truly immersive experience.

Tips for a great time

To make the most of your splash adventure hours experience, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. First, make sure to bring a change of clothes and a towel, since you’re guaranteed to get wet. You may also want to bring a waterproof camera or phone case to capture all the fun moments.

Another tip is to arrive early. Splash adventure hours tend to be really popular, so you don’t want to miss out on any of the fun by arriving late. And finally, don’t forget to stay hydrated. While you’re having fun, it’s easy to forget to drink water, which can lead to dehydration and fatigue.

Splash adventure hours are a great way to have fun and get wet at the same time. With special lighting, decorations, and attractions, this unique experience is perfect for friends or families. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your towels and swimsuits and head to your nearest water-themed venue to experience splash adventure hours for yourself!

Splash Zoom Integration

As virtual events continue to gain popularity in the wake of the global pandemic, many event planners are looking for ways to make their online conferences, seminars, and meetings more engaging and interactive. One option that has been gaining traction is the integration of Splash with Zoom.

What is Splash Zoom Integration

Splash is an event marketing platform that allows event planners to create and manage their events, promotions, and RSVPs. On the other hand, Zoom is a video conferencing platform that enables users to host online meetings, webinars, and virtual events. The integration of these two platforms allows event organizers to seamlessly connect their Splash event pages with their Zoom meetings, which can help streamline the registration and attendance process.

How Does Splash Zoom Integration Work

To integrate Splash and Zoom, event organizers need to create a Zoom meeting first and then connect it to a Splash event page. Once both platforms are linked, attendees can register for the event on the Splash page and receive an email confirmation with the Zoom meeting link. On the day of the event, attendees can click on the Zoom link in their confirmation email to join the meeting.

Benefits of Using Splash Zoom Integration

One of the main benefits of using Splash Zoom integration is that it allows event organizers to track attendance and engagement. With Splash’s analytics, event planners can see how many people registered for the event, how many attendees joined the Zoom meeting, and how long they stayed online. This information can be used to measure the success of the event and make improvements for future events.

Additionally, Splash’s branding and design options can help event planners create a personalized event page that matches their company’s branding, making the event more professional and memorable. The integration also allows event organizers to send follow-up emails to attendees with surveys and feedback requests, which can help improve future events and enhance the overall attendee experience.

In conclusion, Splash Zoom integration is an excellent tool for event planners who want to create engaging and interactive virtual events. By linking Splash and Zoom, event organizers can streamline the registration and attendance process, track attendance and engagement, and create personalized and professional event pages. With the continued rise of virtual events, Splash Zoom integration is a valuable tool for any event planner looking to create successful online events.

How Do Virtual Events Make Money

Virtual events are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in light of the pandemic. The internet has provided a platform where people can come together and network without leaving their homes. As with traditional events, the question that arises is, how do these virtual events make money?

Ticket Sales

Most virtual events charge a fee for attending. The revenue generated from ticket sales is an obvious way virtual events make money. Depending on the event’s type, such as conferences, concerts, or trade shows, the ticket price will vary. People are willing to pay for events that add value and provide a unique experience. The virtual event cost structure is usually lower than that of physical events, and this might result in an increase in the number of attendees.


Just like traditional events, virtual events can be sponsored by companies. Businesses can sponsor virtual events to gain exposure and reach a unique audience. The sponsor’s logo may be displayed throughout the virtual event, and there may be a dedicated sponsor segment depending on the event’s structure. Additionally, virtual events can have “virtual booths,” advertising space, banners, and other digital assets for sponsors to advertise their services or products.

Merchandise Sales

Selling merchandise is another way virtual events can make money. People who attend these events may be interested in purchasing branded t-shirts, mugs, or other souvenirs. The merchandise can be sold through the event platform, and profits generated can contribute to the event’s revenue.

Lead Generation

Virtual events can be used to generate new business leads and collaborations. Attendees are potential customers, and the event can act as a networking platform to bring them together with business opportunities. When attendees register for a virtual event, they usually provide their contact information, which can be used for follow-up communications. The event organizer can also use this data for future marketing efforts.

In conclusion, virtual events can make money through ticket sales, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and lead generation. If planned and executed correctly, virtual events can offer a profitable and unique experience for attendees while generating revenue for the organizer.

How Do I Create a Virtual Event Online

Virtual events have become the norm these days, given the restrictions that COVID-19 has brought upon us. These events allow people to interact with each other online while observing physical distancing protocols. If you’re planning to create a virtual event online, you’ve come to the right place. Here is an easy-to-follow guide to help you get started:

Choose the Right Platform

Before anything else, you need to select the right platform for your virtual event. There are several platforms available, such as Splash, Zoom, WebinarJam, and others. You need to consider the features they offer, the number of participants they can accommodate, and their overall cost. Choose the platform that best suits your budget and needs.

Set a Date and Time

Next, decide on the date and time of your virtual event. Make sure it is convenient for your target audience. Use a calendar app to schedule your event and send out invitations to your guests. This will help them plan their schedules accordingly.

Create a Compelling Agenda

No one wants to attend a boring event. Make sure you create an agenda that is compelling and engaging. Include several speakers, interactive activities, and entertainments. Think about how to keep your audience interested throughout the event.

Customize Your Virtual Event

With virtual events, you have the freedom to personalize them to your brand or company’s theme. You can create customized backgrounds, feature your brand’s colors, and display your logo. Adding these elements to your virtual event will help promote your brand or company.

Conduct a Test Run

Before the actual event, conduct a test run to ensure that everything is working correctly. Test your audio and video quality, connect with your speakers, and simulate the virtual event with a few colleagues. You don’t want technical difficulties during the actual event.

Creating a virtual event may seem intimidating, but it is an effective way of keeping your audience engaged and connected. With the right platform, a compelling agenda, and some customization, you can create an event that will wow your guests. Just remember to conduct a test run to ensure everything runs smoothly. Good luck, and have fun!

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