A Brief Guide to Jamaica Plain Zip Code: Exploring Boston’s Vibrant Neighborhood

If you’re a fan of offbeat charm and vibrant community living, Jamaica Plain in Boston is an absolute must-visit! This thriving neighborhood is known for its tree-lined streets, historic homes, and a wide array of local businesses, restaurants, and cafes. But what’s even more important when it comes to navigating this bustling area is its zip code, often referred to as 02130. In this article, we will delve into the details of Jamaica Plain’s zip code, explore its variations, and address commonly asked questions related to this unique part of Boston. So, let’s dive in and unlock the secrets of the Jamaica Plain zip code!

Jamaica Plain Zip Code: A Quirky Guide to Postal Fun

Zip codes may seem like a mundane bureaucratic invention, but in Jamaica Plain, they take them to a whole new level. Forget the bland digits you usually associate with mail delivery – JP (as the locals call it) spices things up with zesty zip codes that reflect the neighborhood’s vibrant personality. Whether you’re a curious resident or an intrepid traveler, this guide will entertain and enlighten you about the quirky world of Jamaica Plain zip codes.

What’s in a Zip Code? Exploring JP’s Postal Playground

1. Zip Code 02130: Where Odd Meets Awesome

Tucked away in the urban jungle of Boston lies zip code 02130. Why is it so special, you ask? Well, this little beauty is home to the heart and soul of Jamaica Plain – a place where odd and awesome come together to create a unique cultural tapestry. From quirky boutiques and art galleries to hip coffee shops and legendary music venues, 02130 is where it all happens.

2. Zip Code 02119: The Funky Side of JP

Get ready to funk it up in zip code 02119! This zip code may be lesser-known, but it’s definitely not lacking in charm. From its colorful Victorian houses to its vibrant community events, 02119 is a hidden gem that will make you want to grab a boogie board and ride the funky wave.

3. Zip Code 02120: The Scholar’s Sanctuary

If you’re looking for an intellectual escape, zip code 02120 has got your back. Home to some of Boston’s finest educational institutions, including renowned universities and medical centers, this zip code is where brains thrive and innovation blossoms. So grab your nerdiest glasses and dive into the knowledge pool of 02120.

4. Zip Code 02115: The Hipster Hideout

Attention all cool cats and trendsetters! Zip code 02115 is your ultimate hipster hideout. With its trendy cafes, vintage shops, and offbeat art scene, this zip code is the place to be if you want to live life on the cutting edge. Grab your fixie bike, put on your thrifted flannel, and join the hipster revolution in 02115.

Unlocking JP’s Postal Secrets: A Zip Code Decoder Ring

Now that you know the highlights of Jamaica Plain’s zip code extravaganza, it’s time to unlock the secrets hidden within these numbers. Each zip code tells a story and reveals a unique facet of JP’s rich tapestry. So let’s put on our detective hats and dive into the mysteries of Jamaica Plain’s postal playground.

1. 02130: The Artsy Enclave

Zip code 02130 is not just a random assortment of digits; it’s a symbol of the artsy enclave that is Jamaica Plain. This zip code is home to the renowned Jamaica Plain Open Studios, where artists open their doors to showcase their creative masterpieces. From workshops to art walks, zip code 02130 is a haven for the artistically inclined.

2. 02119: The Soulful Spirit

When you step into zip code 02119, you can feel the soulful spirit that permeates the air. From the rich history of the African American community to the lively sounds of jazz and gospel music, this zip code is a testament to the powerful cultural heritage of Jamaica Plain. Explore the Roxbury Heritage State Park or catch a live performance at one of the local theaters to fully experience the soulful vibes of 02119.

3. 02120: The Intellect’s Oasis

Zip code 02120 is not just a cluster of numbers – it’s an oasis for the curious minds. With prestigious institutions like Northeastern University and the Longwood Medical Area, this zip code is a hub of intellectual activity. Whether you’re attending a lecture, conducting groundbreaking research, or simply getting lost in the pages of a book at one of the libraries, 02120 will make you feel like an honorary scholar.

4. 02115: The Trendsetter’s Paradise

In zip code 02115, being ahead of the curve is a way of life. From the cutting-edge fashion boutiques lining Newbury Street to the avant-garde art galleries that line the neighborhood, this zip code is the embodiment of hipster chic. Whether you’re sipping artisanal coffee at a local cafe or browsing through vintage vinyl records, 02115 will make you feel like you’re living in an indie film.

The Final Zip: Wrapping Up the Postal Adventure

Jamaica Plain zip codes may just seem like a bunch of numbers, but they represent the beating heart and soul of this vibrant neighborhood. From the artsy enclaves of 02130 to the soulful vibes of 02119, each zip code tells a unique story about the people and culture of JP. So the next time you receive a letter with a Jamaica Plain zip code, take a moment to appreciate the postal fun and eccentricity that fills the air.

Jamaica Plain, Boston: A Neighborhood Like No Other

Nestled within the vast and vibrant city of Boston, Jamaica Plain reveals itself as a neighborhood with an eccentric personality. Known to locals as “JP,” this spirited corner of Beantown boasts a distinct charm that captures the hearts of residents and visitors alike. From its tree-lined streets adorned with colorful Victorian houses to its bustling community hubs, Jamaica Plain stands out as a place where old meets new and diversity thrives.

Historical Roots and Modern Vibes

Jamaica Plain’s rich history dates back to the 18th century, shaping its character and architectural landscape. This melting pot of a neighborhood effortlessly blends historic gems with contemporary attractions. You can meander through the Acres of Frederick Law Olmsted’s Emerald Necklace or explore the indie shops and

02130 Zip Code: The 9-Digit Delight

If you thought the regular 5-digit zip code was enough to get your mail where it needs to go, hold on to your mailbox, because we’re about to dive into the fascinating world of the 9-digit zip, specifically the one and only 02130 zip code of Jamaica Plain!

A Zip Code Shaking Things Up

Forget about the standard 5-digit zip code that keeps things simple. In Jamaica Plain, they like to shake things up with a 9-digit zip code! That’s right, not one, not two, but nine glorious digits to ensure your mail reaches its destination with pinpoint accuracy. Now, you might be thinking, “Why in the world do we need nine whole digits just to send a package?” Well, my curious friend, let’s uncover the scoop.

Accuracy at its Finest

When it comes to precision, the 02130 zip code takes no prisoners. Those extra digits act like a GPS for your parcels, leading them straight to the desired doorstep. Whether you’re sending a delightful care package, an important document, or even just a simple greeting card, the nine-digit zip code ensures each little digit plays its part in guiding your mail to its proper place.

Breaking Down the Digits

Let’s take a closer look at those nine magical digits of the 02130 zip code. The first five digits, as you may already know, specify the general area of Jamaica Plain. It’s like saying, “Hey, mail, this package is headed for the delightful neighborhood of Jamaica Plain!”

But why stop at five? The extra four digits, known as the delivery point code, zoom in even closer, like a high-tech magnifying glass for your mail. They pinpoint the exact location down to a specific street address, making sure your mail reaches the right doorstep, apartment, or cozy hobbit hole.

Benefits Galore

So, what’s in it for you, you might be wondering? Well, dear reader, the 02130 zip code goes beyond ensuring accurate mail delivery. It also opens the doors to various benefits for the residents of Jamaica Plain. From speedy delivery options to convenient online shopping experiences, the 9-digit zip code brings the promise of efficiency, ease, and a touch of modern-day postal wizardry.

Embrace the Magic of the 9-Digit Zip

In the enchanting realm of Jamaica Plain, the 02130 zip code reigns supreme with its 9-digit glory. So, next time you’re addressing a package or sending a postcard to this Boston neighborhood, don’t forget to sprinkle those extra digits into your mail magic. Embrace the joy, the precision, and the undeniable charm of the 9-digit zip code, because in Jamaica Plain, accuracy isn’t just a dream—it’s a delightful reality!

Dorchester, MA Zip Code: A Quirky and Charming Neighborhood

Dorchester, MA, affectionately known as the “Dot” by locals, is a vibrant neighborhood in Boston with its own unique charm and character. Nestled within the city limits, Dorchester is home to a diverse population and offers a lively mix of cultures, cuisines, and community spirit.

Dorchester’s Zip Code: Unlocking the Secrets

When it comes to mail or online deliveries, having the correct zip code is crucial. For Dorchester residents, the primary zip code is 02124. Picture this: each time you receive a package, anticipate the excitement of opening it like a treasure chest, with 02124 as the key that unlocks all your online shopping dreams.

Zip Code Dash: A Peek into Dorchester’s Neighborhoods

By exploring different areas within the 02124 zip code, you’ll uncover Dorchester’s true essence. Here’s a glimpse into some noteworthy neighborhoods:

Ashmont: Where History Meets Artistry

Home to the iconic Ashmont Station, this neighborhood is teeming with history and artistic flair. Step into the past by admiring the historic Tudor-style Ashmont Hill, or immerse yourself in the vibrant arts scene at the Dorchester Art Project.

Fields Corner: A Culinary Extravaganza

Foodies, unite! Fields Corner is a gastronomic paradise with an array of international flavors. From mouthwatering Vietnamese pho to delectable Haitian cuisine, this neighborhood will surely satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

Savin Hill: Beach Vibes in the City

Who says you need to travel far for a beach day? Savin Hill offers stunning waterfront views and a relaxing atmosphere that transports you to a coastal oasis. Take a stroll along the picturesque Malibu Beach or have a picnic at Savin Hill Park – the options are endless.

Zip Code Secrets Unveiled: Dorchester’s Hidden Gems

Now that you’re acquainted with Dorchester’s zip code and its unique neighborhoods, let’s dive deeper into some hidden gems you won’t want to miss:

The Boston Nature Center: A Sanctuary in the City

Escape the hustle and bustle at the Boston Nature Center, a 67-acre urban sanctuary nestled within Dorchester. Embrace nature as you explore the wildlife sanctuary, walk along tranquil trails, and bask in the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Polish Triangle: A Culinary Journey

Get ready to satisfy your cravings with a trip to the Polish Triangle, located at the intersection of Dorchester Avenue, Boston Street, and West Broadway. Indulge in delightful pierogis, flavorful kielbasa, and other traditional Polish dishes that will transport your taste buds straight to Eastern Europe.

Ashmont Grill: Where Food and Fun Collide

Make your way to Ashmont Grill, a local favorite that seamlessly blends gourmet cuisine, lively ambiance, and friendly vibes. Whether you’re craving their famous Cajun chicken pasta or indulging in their delectable desserts, Ashmont Grill is sure to leave you wanting more.

Dorchester Delights: Embrace the “Dot” Lifestyle

Living in Dorchester is more than just a zip code; it’s a lifestyle. Embrace the community spirit, explore the local businesses, join neighborhood events, and support the thriving arts scene. Whether you’re attending the Dorchester Day Parade or browsing unique shops along Dorchester Avenue, you’ll quickly discover why Dorchester holds a special place in the hearts of its residents.

jamaica plain zip code

Get Ready to Unzip the Magic of Dorchester

With its rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and vibrant culture, Dorchester is a neighborhood that captivates the hearts of its residents and visitors alike. So, get ready to unzip the magic of Dorchester’s 02124 zip code and embark on a journey of exploration, laughter, and above all, an unforgettable experience in this quirky and charming Boston gem.

Subtopic: Jamaica Plain Zip Code +4

When it comes to discussing Jamaica Plain zip codes, there’s a little secret that only the true local enthusiasts know about – the Jamaica Plain Zip Code Plus Four. It’s like a hidden treasure that can add an extra touch of specificity to your postal address. But what exactly is this mysterious Plus Four and why do some people love talking about it so much? Let’s dive in and uncover the secret!

The Marvelous Definition of Jamaica Plain Zip Code Plus Four

In plain terms (pun intended), zip codes are awesome because they help efficiently sort and deliver mail. But when you add the Plus Four to a Jamaica Plain zip code, things get even more interesting. The Plus Four is an extension to the standard five-digit zip code, providing an additional level of precision to pinpoint your location within a specific area.

The Secret Life of Jamaica Plain Zip Code Plus Four

Now, you might be wondering what kind of magical powers Jamaica Plain Zip Code Plus Four possesses. Well, hold on to your hats because this is where things get really intriguing! The Plus Four narrows down the location even further to a specific street segment or a group of apartments within a building.

Picture this: A mail carrier cruising through Jamaica Plain with a package in hand, armed with a regular zip code and the mighty Plus Four. With this powerful information, they can find your door with laser-like precision, bypassing any potential confusion or getting lost in the process. Isn’t that simply amazing?

How to Get Your Own Jamaica Plain Zip Code Plus Four

If you’re thrilled to unravel the mystery of the Jamaica Plain Zip Code Plus Four, it’s time to claim your very own! It’s pretty simple – just consult the United States Postal Service (USPS) and they’ll reveal the magic combination for your specific address. Once you have your Plus Four, be prepared to wow your friends and neighbors with your newfound knowledge of this hidden gem.

jamaica plain zip code

The Benefits of Jamaica Plain Zip Code Plus Four

Aside from impressing your postal carrier with your precise addressing skills, the Plus Four can have some more practical benefits. For instance, it can aid in accurate geolocation and help businesses and service providers accurately target specific neighborhoods within Jamaica Plain. It’s also handy for emergency services to quickly locate an address during a time-sensitive situation.

Unlock the Power of Jamaica Plain Zip Code Plus Four

So there you have it – the not-so-secret world of Jamaica Plain Zip Code Plus Four. Whether you’re a local resident, a business owner, or just someone fascinated by the inner workings of mail delivery, the Plus Four brings an extra layer of excitement and precision to the already bustling world of Jamaica Plain zip codes. Embrace it, cherish it, and let the world marvel at your knowledge of this hidden gem!

jamaica plain zip code

Are there Zip Codes in Jamaica

Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts, certainly has its own zip codes! In fact, it’s much more than just a plain old neighborhood – it’s a vibrant and diverse community with its own unique charm. So, if you’re curious about the zip codes in Jamaica Plain, keep reading to find out more!

Zip Codes Galore

Jamaica Plain is proudly represented by not just one, but several zip codes. The main zip codes in Jamaica Plain are 02130 and 02119, which cover the majority of the neighborhood. But wait, there’s more! There are a few additional zip codes that overlap with parts of Jamaica Plain, such as 02120 and 02115. So, if you’re ever mailing a letter or ordering a package to Jamaica Plain, make sure to double-check the right zip code for your specific location.

Neighborhood Boundaries

To fully grasp the zip codes in Jamaica Plain, it’s helpful to understand the neighborhood boundaries. Jamaica Plain is nestled between several neighboring areas, including Roxbury, West Roxbury, and Brookline. Within these boundaries, you’ll find beautiful parks, tree-lined streets, and a lovely mix of residential and commercial areas. So, the next time someone asks you where the zip codes of Jamaica Plain are, you can confidently point to this picturesque neighborhood on the map.

Fun Fact: Missing Zip Code

Now, here’s a little secret about Jamaica Plain zip codes – or lack thereof. Believe it or not, there isn’t an exclusive zip code solely dedicated to Jamaica Plain. This might come as a surprise, but worry not! The zip codes we mentioned earlier cover the entire neighborhood. So, no need to go on a wild goose chase for a mysterious zip code that doesn’t exist – we’ve got you covered in Jamaica Plain!

Delivery Delight

When it comes to mail and packages, Jamaica Plain residents experience the same joy and anticipation as anyone else. Postal workers make their daily rounds, delivering letters, bills, and perhaps even some surprise goodies. Whether you need to send a care package to a friend or receive a long-awaited online purchase, rest assured that the zip codes in Jamaica Plain will do their part to ensure your delivery finds its way.


Well, that concludes our fun exploration of the zip codes in Jamaica Plain! It’s evident that this lively neighborhood embraces its unique identity within the greater Boston area. So, if you ever find yourself in Jamaica Plain, don’t fret about finding the right zip code – just soak up the local atmosphere, enjoy the sights, and take pride in being a part of this vibrant community!

What is the area code for Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain, a vibrant neighborhood located in Boston, Massachusetts, has its own unique area code. If you’re looking to call someone in Jamaica Plain, you’ll want to know the area code to ensure your call goes through smoothly. So grab your phone and get ready to dial, because we’re about to reveal the area code for Jamaica Plain!

Jamaica Plain’s Distinctive Area Code

When making a call to Jamaica Plain, you’ll need to dial (617) before the seven-digit phone number. Yes, that’s right, Jamaica Plain shares the same area code as the rest of Boston. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking this neighborhood is just like any other. Jamaica Plain has a personality all its own, and like a good friend, it likes to stand out from the crowd.

617: An Area Code with Character

The area code 617 is not just a sequence of numbers; it’s a symbol of Boston’s rich history and vibrant spirit. Just like the iconic Boston accent, the 617 area code is unmistakably Bostonian. It signifies that you’re dialing into a city known for its strong coffee, die-hard sports fans, and fiercely independent attitude.

jamaica plain zip code

Fun Fact: No Prefix in Jamaica Plain

One interesting thing to note about Jamaica Plain’s phone numbers is that they don’t have any specific prefix unique to the neighborhood. So whether you’re calling a local café, a quaint bookstore, or your favorite Jamaican restaurant, all numbers within Jamaica Plain follow the same 617 area code. Now that we’ve cracked the code, it’s time to make that call and experience everything this fantastic neighborhood has to offer!

Discover Jamaica Plain’s Charm

Jamaica Plain isn’t just about area codes; it’s a lively community with a rich history and a diverse population. From the picturesque Arnold Arboretum to the vibrant Centre Street, every corner of Jamaica Plain is filled with charm and character. So pick up your phone, dial 617, and get ready to explore this wonderful neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for exciting cultural events, mouthwatering food, or peaceful green spaces, Jamaica Plain won’t disappoint.

The area code for Jamaica Plain is 617, a number that proudly connects this unique neighborhood to the rest of Boston. So next time you find yourself in need of making a call to Jamaica Plain, remember to dial 617 before the seven-digit number. And while you’re at it, be sure to pack your sense of adventure because Jamaica Plain is a neighborhood that invites you to explore, discover, and create lasting memories.

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